Asian Chick Wearing A Pink Dress Shows Off Her Pink Nipples And Full-Size Boobs

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Porn star promises sex marathon if Chile continues to win in the World Cup

Are you wondering why Chile is going so bonkers at the World Cup? Fans flocked to Brazil by the thousands, even though they didn’t have tickets. They stormed the stadium fences prior to today’s win over Spain, and were arrested by the dozens.

Seems that they’ve been worked up by one of the country’s biggest porn stars: Marlen Doll (above). Ms. Doll, in a moment of brilliant strategy, promised to engage select Chilean residents in an eight-hour “sex marathon” if her country defeated Australia in its first World Cup match. That of course happened, and she, reportedly, made good on the promise, even increasing the duration to 12 hours.

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She upped the bet before Chile defeated Spain to boot defending champions out of the tournament. To honour her bet, she is going to do a 16 hours sex marathon to whoever that contacts her fast enough on Twitter. 

Heard she is going to up the ante to 24 hours for the next match...damn u lucky Chileans...

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