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English footballer looks for a threesome after World Cup exit

England international Luke Shaw was seemingly so devastated by his side’s World Cup exploits that he attempted to secure a sordid threesome with Playboy model Carla Howe and her twin sister Melissa according to The Sun.

The 18 year old texted 23 year old Howe at 3am on Friday morning following England’s defeat to Uruguay but his requests for a liaison with the two sisters apparently ‘disgusted’ Carla, though not enough to prevent her from sending the Southampton man some x-rated images during their text conversation.

Carla Howe has previously dated footballers Patrice Evra and Ashley Cole so Luke Shaw may have believed that the model had a thing for full-backs but it appears that wasn’t the case.

Indeed Miss Howe is seemingly unhappy with the attitude footballers have taken towards her, stating;

“I thought he wanted to start a relationship with me.

“Initially I took it as a real compliment that he was doing such a big lifetime achievement like playing at the World Cup, yet constantly contacting me.

“But when he asked for a threesome with my sister Melissa, I was disgusted. He’s just like any other footballer.”

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