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Feminist movement #freethenipple is trending and no one seems to be complaining

Well, this is guaranteed to get you noticed on the beach this summer.

It’s the bikini top that lets you free your nipples without actually having to, err, free said nipples.

You’ve no doubt heard of the #FreeTheNipple movement which has been around for a couple of years. To summarise, women in New York have been walking around topless in a bid to expose the double standards behind laws banning women’s nipples, but allowing men to unleash theirs at will.

It was given a bit of a boost by Bruce Willis’ 22-year-old daughter, Scout, recently when she walked topless through the city in a protest against Instagram’s nipple censorship.

Now you too can join the campaign, effectively normalising the nipple but still sparing your blushes (sort of) with this ‘TaTa’ bikini top.

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And there is even a movie FREE THE NIPPLE which is like FUCK YEAH! 

Are the chauvinistic pricks complaining??? I don't hear anything....

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