The Spectacles Chronicles: Black II

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Final Set of Singapore model Cheryl Cherry Choe: Bring out the whip cream

This is the final set of this continuing series on local model Cheryl Cherry Choe. I have to say there were a few readers who kinda complained about the drop in quality. But hey, we are here to show what the underside of Singapore. For earlier posts, click here and here.

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Is blogger Joel Kong a sex depraved monster?

Dear Singapore Hall of Shame,

I want to report this disturbing blog written by Kong Chun Wai Joel staying at Blk 640 Jurong West St 52 aka Rubberhopper in Sammyboy sex forum. On his blog, Joel Kong is not shy about his visits to prostitutes in Geylang and Petain, he even wants to share his experiences and recommend which "chickens" to go to.

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If paying to fuck is considered normal for some guys because they need to release the excess thick white liquid trapped in the body, I can understand, but Joel Kong even write about how he miss going to the old National Stadium to look at upskirts and down blouses, zao geng and lobang. Maybe this sexually depraved man would one day prey on young children on public buses or in the playground.

But Joel Kong is more sick than that. He even post on Sammyboy and his blog that he would liked to see his girlfriend being fucked and asked if any man would join him so that he can fuck the other man's girlfriend as well. He got the cheek to say that they should share the cost of the hotel 50/50.

If his girlfriend is some unknown girl then that is maybe ok, but Joel girlfriend is kinda famous because she was sacked for poor performance from town council while supporting opposition party NSP. This was reported in TNP and many Singaporeans have seen her face before. Thankfully, I think they have split up because no woman deserve such a monster like Joel Kong.

You know what sort of person this man is? Joel every time say he is die-hard Liverpool supporter, but guess what jersey he puts on when take photo with former Manchester United great Peter Schimichel?! A jersey of Utd fierce rival, Manchester City, no respect at all from this fat bum!

Thank you for publishing my letter.

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