Micaela Schaefer Naked In Public Wearing Only Heart-Shaped Pasties To Protect Her Modesty


Here is Micaela Schaefer naked with pasties on the street posing for a Valentine's Day photo shoot at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Yup, Micaela Schaefer is showing some nudity at the Brandenburg Gate once again. But this time around she is a lot more modest than the 1000 times she bare skin at this place. The pasties are covering the goodies for this shoot but I am sure she will pose fully nude at the Brandenburg Gate again. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Source: http://www.asiabusty.com

Wiki Bio


Micaela Schäfer (born on Novemver 1, 1983 in Berlin, Germany) is a German model, singer and reality TV personality. She is famous in Germany and after appearing in 'America's Next Top Model' and 'Big Brother' is now recognizable around the world.

Micaela was "Miss East Germany 2004" and the "Campari Face 2005" and has participated in photo shoots for the magazine SUPERillu. Until 2004 did an education as Micaela PTA and modeled only in passing. The 22-year-old Berlin woman but is now full-time model and has worked on shoots for ESPRIT and the glamor. Micaela Schäfer continue working on a television and singing career. www.asiabusty.com

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Singapore Youngsters: trendy to insta own naked pics??

The fucking Indonesian govt can suck my dick

In 1965, two Indonesian marines, Usman Hj Mohd Ali and Harun Said, was sent to Singapore to bomb the MacDonald House along Orchard Road during the period of Konfrontasi. That time, Indonesia govt not happy with the formation of Malaysia and decided to wage war against the neighbours.

These two poor souls probably did not know better, and thought they could hide in CK Tangs or eat ice kachang at tam jiak kuay and go Bugis Village fuck Ah Kwa tranny after they set off the bomb and then fly back home. Like clueless lambs, they got busted and were hung to death for their crimes in 1968. I hope they at least watched the naked cabaret shows at Gay World while they were here...Singaporeans shouldn't blame them, they were just sent here to die by their pussy govt. 

Poor sods Usman and Harun got conned by Indonesian govt to come Singapore and were hanged for the MacDonald house bombings. 

"Twenty-nine bombs had been set off in Singapore by the time of the MacDonald House bombing in March 1965. The bomb left a mass of rubble after the blast, and every window within 100 metres was shattered. Cars parked near the building or driving past were also damaged, and three people -- two Chinese and one Malay -- were killed, with a further 33 injured...Following the hangings, the Singapore embassy and consul's residence in Indonesia were attacked and the Singapore flag was burned." 

So recently the Indonesian govt, which has fucking bull testicles as brains, to drum up some local support, decided to name a warship after these two poor soldiers who got conned by them more than 40 years ago. Singapore Pappies not particularly happy with this so decided to protest a bit to big brother and they were rebuffed, of course.

"Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto said: "The Indonesian government has its rules, procedures and criteria for determining whether to honour a person as a hero. And in this area, there can be no intervention from other countries.

"The fact that there is a different perception of Indonesian government policy by other countries, in this instance, Singapore, cannot make us backtrack or be uncertain about carrying on with our policy decision and implementing it."

Oh yes, of course we can't do no shit but here's something for u the fucktards at the Indonesian govt...

If u are hot-blooded Singaporean guy and you're still pissed, you can watch this Indon bitch here to let off some steam. AMDK gets the hit as usual!