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AWARE the liberal women's organisation alienates Singaporeans again

Once again, AWARE, the foremost Singaporean women's organisation has done well to alienate Singaporeans with what they presume to be progressive and liberal. AWARE produced a video along these lines: 

From Yahoo:

Along different stretches of Orchard Road, including outside Takashimaya and Ion Orchard, the man was seen scolding her, using vulgarities and physical aggression, drawing a lot of stares from bystanders.

Three kind-hearted people – a Caucasian man, a Caucasian woman and a Malay man – then stepped in during the filming to warn the ‘boyfriend’ to stop his aggression towards his ‘girlfriend’. They also offered to call the police for the ‘girlfriend’.

A host then came in to tell the Good Samaritans that the ‘abuse’ was part of a video to raise awareness on domestic violence in Singapore. She also told them that it was a test on whether Singaporeans would step in to help.

Most Singaporeans commenting online are right to point out that AWARE has missed the whole point again. There are better ways to raise awareness about domestic violence against women. Since not many passerby came forth to help the women, does it mean Singaporeans are for domestic violence?? 

As a passerby, one might not know what happened before they couple started fighting. Furthermore, the couple did not really fight or come to blows. If the man started to whack the girl, I am sure Singaporeans would stop him, although some will also swipe out their mobile phones to STOMP the process. 

And, realised most of those who intervened are ang moh? Does this confirm the common notion that many ang mohs are self-righteous, busybody and like to think they know what is best for Asians? 

Like what many have commented, AWARE is wasting precious funds from donors and public to bark at the wrong tree. Better ways of educating the public would be teaching the women themselves that they should take the initiative to stop domestic violence. After all, domestic violence happens behind closed doors and is not visible to public. 

AWARE is also ignoring the plight of men who are being mentally or financially abused by women who are erroneously influenced by the femin-nazi movement - where they assume the privileges of men but refuse to take on the responsibilities. Just check out this old clip of this men being physically abused by his partner: 

Another classic case of mental abuse by the wife is this couple Russell Tan and Jann Goh. She repeatedly taunted her husband and subjected him to verbal abuse and mental stress until he snapped and slashed her more than 80 times with an 18cm knife. She had insulted the size of his lanjiao in front of their children. Russell was jailed for 4 years and given 8 strokes of the cane. 

This is not the first time that AWARE has alienated most Singaporeans! Most recently they successfully lobbied MINDEF to ban parts of lyrics in a military song "Purple Light" just because of their wild assumption that singing it repeatedly might cause men to rape their girlfriends and lower the status of women in Singapore.  

It seems AWARE picks its battles and prefers to pursue those that are almost imaginary and esoteric in nature. For example, in the recent case where a pastor by the name of Lawrence Khong refuses to pay fair compensation for a staff he sacked, AWARE did not issue any statement nor say anything despite the news clogging the headlines. Indeed, it can be seen AWARE is less interested in real life cases, and more interested in creating their own battles and headlines. 


As with any organisation or institution that constantly screws up, one can only look at the leadership and the people running it to see if they are competent or representative of those who they claim they represent.

So these are the links to the people running AWARE:

It is not obviously clear, but it seems that a few of them are not very lady-like, and are they mostly married or even heterosexual? I understand that there is a need to represent alternative lifestyles and that is probably fair but are the different female interests adequately represented in AWARE? Or are they just an interest group pursing the alternative lifestyle? 

AWARE Exec Director, Corinna Lim

AWARE President, Winifred Loh

The rest of the AWARE leadership here:

Do you think they are representative of Singaporean women? Leave your comments here or in the FB page


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