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Singapore writer staying in Malaysia slams "privileged" Chinese in Singapore

I have previously written about this pompous self-contradictory Singapore writer who is now living in Malaysia because he think in Malaysia is such a great country where Malays are treated as first class citizens. Alfian proclaims himself to be a proud Muslim but I guess being a gay and a practicing Muslim is not at all contradictory to him. 

Read the article about Alfian's untold secrets here

Just yesterday Alfian got into action again by slamming "Chinese privileges" here. Or maybe Alfian wanted to use the word ethnocentric or racist but controlled his use of the language. Since Alfian is living in Malaysia now, maybe he will have a different view of Malay supremacy there or their bumiputra policies which are certainly more undemocratic if you ask me. Oh well, I guess everyone has their right to want to be the majority. 

You can read for yourself to decide if what he said was fair. With this type of angst, it's no wonder he has left Singapore. And seriously Alfian, we didn't welcome the Ah Tiong immigrants with open arms, you think we got a choice?!  

Forummers here have slammed Alfian's comment.

Being Chinese in Singapore does have its advantages because they are the majority. But very often Chinese also tolerate other race especially the Malays because they are the original inhabitants of this island. Like the land used to built mosques is free from the government whereas Chinese temples have to pay for lease. And every Friday afternoon the cars and motorbikes park outside mosque until siow also won't kena summon, but anyhow park outside Chinese temple or funeral, Cisco and LTA will come. 

Basically, Alfian is just the sort of guy who will never be satisfied until everyone agrees with him and do things his way, so good riddance, please stay in Boleh Land and enjoy your first class privileges and don't come back.


Keyara Bikini Photos With Nipple Slip From 138 Water Photoshoot Candids

Here is Keyara wearing a bikini and nipple slipping during a photoshoot for 138 Water on the beach in Malibu. Have you notice these photo shoot for 138 Water always seem to always have a nip slip? By the way, I had no clue who Keyara was before seeing these candids of the promotional photoshoot but good to see her nipples. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.



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