Police have yet to release picture of suspect more than 48 hours after the crime

More than 48 hours after the crime and Police have yet to released a picture of a suspect even as it appears that they have a good idea of the killer.

The Police have collected a large amount of evidence on the crime scene, they have numerous witnesses. They also have the CCTV recording inside the house and very likely lifted fingerprints from the abandoned Toyota Camry. However, it is unclear why they have not released a picture of the suspect as the killer remains at-large.

Five key issues remain unsolved:

1. What is the relationship between the victims and killer? Were they acquainted? There were no signs of break-in at the house.

2. What did the Tan family quarrel about previously that led to the Police being called in on 3 occasions? Are the quarrels related to the murders?

3. The older Tan Boon Sin left work early and retrieved some valuables from his safe deposit box. What did he retrieve? Are they connected to his death?

4. The place where the Toyota Camry was abandoned was only about 7 minutes walk from Tan's old workshop before it moved to Kaki Bukit. The car was not abandoned in a rush as it was parked properly. Did the killer purposely left it there?

5. The knife or weapon that killed the Tans still cannot be found.

Meanwhile, the occupants of 14J, Hillside Drive, where the murder occurred, has been vacated. 


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Anonymous network creeping into police force and civil service?

A sammyboy forummer informed Singapore Hall of Shame that the popularity of the Anonymous hacker group is gaining in Singapore. Dissatisfaction with the ruling PAP regime has resulted in ordinary citizens cheering in glee when the threat of cyber war was issued by Anonymous/Messiah. 

A group of Singaporean youths were supposedly even stopped by police after they have gathered with Guy Fawkes mask to show support for the Anonymous group on 5th Nov. 

Now it seems that even members of the Singapore Police Force are supporting the cause of Anonymous to wreck havoc due to certain unpopular policies of the PAP. See link

Here is one police officer by the name of 'Aidil Repsol" who seems to be a regular. If PAP are not careful, even their most ardent supporters, the civil servants, will switch their allegiance to the opposition. 

Sammyboy forummer also pointed out that his wife is working in NCS Pte Ltd. NCS is the principal IT solutions provider to the government.

Recently, Lee Hsien Loong said that he will spare no effort to track down hackers and bring them to justice. Yes, I am sure he is able to do that. But what if the movement is widespread and even his own kind are turning against him?