Policeman turned loanshark: 16 years for Police and CPIB to close case

Another policeman has betrayed the public trust placed in the hands of law enforcers. Former decorated CID policeman, Zhu Fu Liang, with the rank of Staff Sgt conveniently converted himself into a loanshark or Ah Long when he was still in service!

To make matters worse, the authorities drag their feet for 16 years before bringing him to justice while they were fully aware of his crime! It was even revealed in court that his financiers were his former police colleagues. They have been dealt with 15 years ago.

The incompetence of Police, CPIB and AGC was highlighted when the defence lawyer said that the accused has been in Singapore all along. He worked in various jobs and did not leave country as his passport was taken away. He even asked about updates on his pending case, but the authorities never gave him a clear answer for 16 years!

As a policeman that knowingly broke the law by being a loanshark, the accused was convicted and fined $50,000...no jail for this lucky chap. So how many more crooked cops are still lurking in their blue uniforms?


Religious men corrupted by fame and wealth

These men claiming to be messengers of God or some divine force are only getting more wayward. A man who claims to be a messenger of God refuses to pay maternity benefits to a staff who was sacked because of her extra-marital affair. But yet, Lawrence Khong of FCBC employs her daughter, Priscilla Khong, a single mother, as a pastor of the same church. Why the double standard?

And while the clerical staff is deprived of her measly $7000 in salary and maternity benefits, Lawrence Khong struts around his designer clothes and strokes his 4 ponies stabled at the Singapore Polo Club.

Till today, the clerical staff whose baby will turn 1 year-old this November, has not received a single cent from FCBC who claims to be doing this to maintain their "moral and spiritual authority". What sort of moral authority sacks a pregnant woman and withhold money that is due to them?

While some are decked out in the latest fashion, others prefer to don their religious robes thinking that they can be above the law. The so-called Venerable Meow Di, who is said to be a disciple of the famed monk, Hong Chuan, is actually just a middle man for a casino deal! Businessman Chua Kwee Sin, who looks like an underworld boss btw, is suing the monk after giving the monk more than $1mil for an investment in a casino venture in Cambodia that never happened.

Appearing in the court dressed in his robe, he only reminds us for another famous monk gone wayward, Ming Yi, who keeps a stable of his male personal assistants and loans them money frivolously.


Another Asian Amateur Chick Playing With Her Sex Toy Before Fucking


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