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Sg girl kena rape in Cambodia? Tell it on Facebook

So imagine if you are a Sg girl working alone in Cambodia and male friend comes to visit. You guys go out and have fun but after clubbing, he rapes you. What do you do? Let everyone know via Facebook! But I am told that it's not what normal people do, even courts protect the identity of the rape or molest that's what make this interesting.

It all started on FB when a photo of an alleged rapist was being spread around. The text that accompanied the message read:

"Helping a friend here ~
PLEASE SHARE! Female friends please be very super caution too!

:A Singaporean girl was raped on the 07th night 22:50- 08th morning 01:41 am in a hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia. The rapist is a Prudential Insurance Agent in Singapore, NICHOLAS CHEANG WEN HAO (A0698), 29yrs , Single, Staying near Geylang Lor 40.

He fled to bkk on flight TG 585 on 20:25 Sept 08 after the rape and on 09th Sept to sin. 

He fled Cambodia without paying his 4 nights hotel bill and left in a rush. Please share this as there might be other victims. And help this girl get back her justice! — with Jpg Hamasaki."

Unlucky for this Nicholas Cheang, a Prudential Insurance agent, the photo wasn't very flattering and people started to make fun of him (and is that a baby pram that he's pushing?). In the midst of slamming him, not many noticed that this guy went on for nearly three hours in what was an alleged rape! From "07th night 22:50- 08th morning 01:41" - 3 hours is long time for rape or even normal 2 rounds of sex plus foreplay and showering. It's like half day of work.   

Not everyone was convinced and people began to look into the person who got raped - this girl called "JPG HAMASAKI". They asked how did she get his passport photo and how did he end up in Cambodia with another Singaporean. 

However, the person who uploaded the picture was not the girl. She asked someone called Henry Ng to do it. What JPG HAMASAKI and Henry Ng got going on, or had something going on, is not clear. Why would someone risk a law suit by going after someone who you only know through victim's version that this someone raped her? Doesn't make sense to me unless he's really desperate, dumb, delusional or all of the above.  

So the troll Facebook SMRT Feedback did some CSI and found out that the girl is: 

Alias: jpglicious
Full Name: Cassie Tan Wen Ting
Singapore Address:
Blk 648 Pasir Ris Drive 10 
Cambodia Address:
Phnom Penh, Dangkor - Dangkao District (KH 12401)

Puls Trading Far East Co. Ltd 
(Rep. office of H&M in Cambodia)

Passport No. E3489908F
DOB: 13/10/1984
NRIC: S8432774Z
Date of Issue: 1st November 2012
Nationality: Singaporean 

This girl going by the name JPG HAMASAKI or jpglicious is a fashion blogger - people who see posting sexy, saucy, salacious images of themselves online as a real job. I tried to talk to her but it seems she's unwilling to divulge much, or maybe because she already talked to Wanbao and she knew her story gonna be out soon. 

Before the Wanbao version, let's see what she has posted online. It seems she really had some rough sex unplanned sex, or rape as she claimed. There are pictures of her getting all cranky and going for medical check-ups, so it seems there might be a real possibility that she was raped? And we can also see from the screenshot that her name is Cassie Tan Wen Ting. 

Again, Wanbao never released the name of the girl nor the picture of Nicholas when half the Singapore already know thru the internet. Is there any point to this? 

According to Wanbao, a 29 years old female was raped by her old classmate after offering herself as a tour guide when he came and visit her in Cambodia. She is currently working in Cambodia as a secretary. No details what kind of secretary but I think the salary in Cambodia is quite low. 

The girl told Wanbao that they were poly classmates ten years ago and they have lost contact. 3 years ago, they were reconnected when he tried to sell her insurance and they kept in contact whenever she returned to Spore. 

The man arrived in Cambodia on 5 Sep and the girl went to airport to pick him up and even helped him to book hotel. She also stayed in the hotel during his stay. The girl claimed that she did so because she was the host. On 7 Sep, according to the girl, they went clubbing together with her colleagues, but she got herself so drunk and when she woke up she discovered she was naked and the man was on top of her. The girl tried to stop her former classmate but she claimed was too weak to resist as she could have been drugged. 

Subsequently, the man forced her to give him oral sex and she unwillingly agreed because she scared he will pump sperm inside her. and she was forced to play with the man till 3am before the man stopped. The girl further claimed that he was supposed to return to Spore on 9 Sep but ran away to Thailand to 8 Sep after knowing the girl had made a report. He didn't even pay for the hotel.

The girl added that when they were clubbing together, she went to the toilet 3 times and every time she returned from the toilet, she realised that the bottle had change position.  She would open a new bottle every time because she's afraid that it could have been drugged. 

And then it was the last bottle, she claimed she drank one small mouth and then she felt very high before passing out. Her colleagues helped her onto the cab but they don't know what happened after. The girl admitted to drinking quite often but never been so drunk before and she suspected that she was drugged. The hotel manager also said it was the guy who brought her back to the hotel.

In her further testimony to the reporter, the rape victim confronted her assailant, Nicholas, the next morning. She texted the man and ask him what did he do to her, the guy replied asking her to take morning-after pills. he apologized repeatedly and was remorseful.

The victim further added that at first, she did not want to blow up the matter, she just wanted the guy to pay for medical expenses, psychological treatment and air ticket back to spore. According to the girl, he said he needed an hour to think about it but he just bolted to Thailand. 

The victim has made police reports in Cambodia, Singapore and also informed informed the Singapore embassy in Cambodia. Nicholas refused to be interviewed saying that he will only make a statement thru his lawyer. 

From what the girl has shared, it appears that there was some carnal connection. But whether it was rape or not, it's not so sure. However, there are some curious points:

It seems Cassie kinda trusted Nicholas, picked him up at airport and book hotel for him, so why did she not trust him when they were clubbing and now accused him of drugging her. 

The time period that she was raped is quite long. Almost 3 hours. And Cassie late told Wanbao, she was forced to oral till 3am. Even later than the period first claimed. 

Most importantly, Cassie told the reporter that she didn't want to blow up the matter at first and was willing to accept some form of compensation. Usually, victims who agree to this approach do so because they do not want publicity or the perceived shame of being rape, but yet she is sharing her ordeal on Facebook. 

I am willing to publish any clarifications from Cassie, Henry or Nicholas.