Paris Hilton Wearing Miley Cyrus' VMA Twerking Teddy Outfit For Halloween Party

Here is Paris Hilton dressed up as Miley Cyrus for a Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Yup, a slut dressed up as another slut for Halloween... Must have been one of those ironic costume parties. Anyway, Miley Cyrus' twerking outfit seem to be a very popular costume this year for sluts all over the world. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.



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Artistic moments of an unknown local Part III

Here Part III of this continuing series. I have to say how her boobs are so beautiful as they gently slope. Click here for Part I and here for Part II.

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General Chan Chun Sing stop the wayang! This is not army

We all know that army is a big wayang. Just put on a performance to show people that you are doing your job, that you are damn bloody fucking garang. Well, it seems former army general and current minister Chan Chung Sing cannot get rid of this bad habit of wayang even though he has left the military.

Some say he's got the potential to be the next PM. I shudder at that thought. Wayang King.

Chan Chun Sing came out strongly to voice his displeasure against Ashley Madison, a website for married folks to have affairs. Like a breath of fresh air, he said, "Promoting infidelity undermines trust and commitment between husband and wife", adding that the website was "not welcome" in Singapore.

Brave words from a foolish man. Or just someone who is hypocritical and trying gain some political mileage out of this? Doesn't minister know, Singapore already has websites for Singaporeans, married and unmarried, to hook up. Take for example, craigslist singapore, where you can list if you are a man looking for woman, man looking for man, woman looking for man, woman looking for woman. So why doesn't minister say craigslist is not welcome in Singapore too? A leader of thousands of SAF men but he does not have the balls to do so?  

Now let's be honest, of the married folks who are not fucking their spouses, most of them are men, although the number of women are increasing. Not surprisingly, it's so easy for married men to pay for sex and fuck their brains out if they wanted to. Just look at sammyboyforum, you can find a variety of services offered there. From the licensed whore houses in geylang to the freelancers that are in Singapore under social visit passes. 

If minister Chan is so sincere in clamping down on these vices that would destroy marriages, why doesn't he propose MDA block all Singapore IPs going to sammyboyforum, or legislate that only single men and tourists can visit Geylang for a paid-fuck. Surely, these establishments have ruined quite a few marriages too. But minister doesn't do that because he knows it is stupid and unrealistic. 

If the government is really sincere in clamping down on these illicit sex activities, why are we seeing so many social escorts websites advertising online? In fact, most of them are just outright prostitution websites. The truth it seems the sex industry and its related activities (drinking, smoking, partying) is too lucrative for the government to clamp down. Or maybe one can even say if Singapore men are properly fucked, they would not create so much problems for the government. 

It's so easy to know who are behind some of these websites, and yet the authorities turn a blind eye  to these activities. Take for example, adamsappleescorts, a website that offers this amazing fair and busty Korean girl for $180 a pop. If you take the website and just run some checks online, you will find that the person who registered for the website is:

Chua Hok Hua
Blk 111 #11-35 Whampoa Rd
Tel 82268226

And this website has been running since at least 2010! Almost 3 years and the authorities turn a blind eye to their business and it's tax-free! Minister Chan why don't you do something about this for a start and try not to hog the headlines.

If minister Chan and the government is really serious about what they say then do something it.  Take down these prostitution websites. Otherwise, please shut the fuck up because I think most people can see that you are fake and just trying to wayang. And you can suck my hotdog while you are it.