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Nicole Seah threatens to sue, Asiaone's balls shrink

After mainstream media like Wanbao and Asiaone speculated that opposition politician Nicole Seah was going out with a married man, Steven Goh, she went on the offensive and threaten to sue the MSM for spreading lies about her. According to her, this has caused her "irreversible damage that they have caused to me and my loved ones because of their baseless and irresponsible reporting." Apparently, this man is no longer married because he has already divorced his wife! 

If Nicole Seah does not get an apology, she will be suing SPH to get back her pride. She claimed that the MSM is practicing double standard by ruining her reputation and letting PAP politicians get away. 

And it seems to be working, Asiaone's balls have shrunk and they have removed the articles that are sensational sounding - 

If they have nothing to fear, why do they need to remove the articles?

So if Asiaone and SPH does not apologise soon, Nicole Seah should go on the offensive and sue them without further delay. Many Singaporeans have been unhappy for a long period with the poor reporting by SPH and Mediacorp. 

In any case, it doesn't matter if the man, Steven Goh, is married or not. Nicole Seah is still young and single. She can go out and explore as many men as she wants. If the man is married, it is his responsibility to reject her. Singaporeans should get over this notion that every MP or person who want to be a MP must be a SAINT! 

Update 28 Nov: Asiaone has apologised

AsiaOne would like to unreservedly apologise to Miss Nicole Seah and to Mr Steven Goh for any distress and inconvenience caused by an article posted on AsiaOne on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

The headline of the article, "Nicole Seah uploads photo of her with a man believed to be married", as well as the first line of the article which mirrored the headline, did not correctly reflect the rest of the article's content, which indicated that Mr Goh, the man in the photo, is divorced and not presently married.

Adrian Tay
Editor, AsiaOne

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