Singaporean Model Kay Kay Lingerie Wardrobe Malfunction Pussy Slip Photoshoot


Singaporean FHM cover model turn blogger Yan Kay Kay found out this week that there was a rather revealing candid photo of her privates in the possession of a photographer. And she also found out the photographer shared said photo with others. Kay Kay as she is known was also the winner of Channel 5 reality show S Factor in 2009 and was the co-host of popular online comedy web series. There is a saying for her, "Kay Kay so nice they named her twice." Anyway, the photo was taken over 5 years ago when Kay Kay was about 25 year-old at a photo shoot that was featured in the now defunct Playeur magazine. The photo shows her private lady parts as the result of a wardrobe malfunction. Gutter Uncensored was aware of the existence of the accidental exposure photo for some time now but could not confirm it was real until Kay Kay took to her blog to address the issue and explain what happened. She said she has never posed nude or semi-nude, for any sort of publication or personal photographer's collection. But did confirm a photographer released an accidental exposure (zao geng) picture of her.

In the photo shoot, her purple lingerie bottom was displaced and she did not know her private part was expose as the photographer snap a photo of the area. Kay Kay said that she has never taken part in any nude photo shoots so she was shocked at the existence of the picture showing her vagina. The photographer apparently noticed the wardrobe malfunction and cunningly position his camera to take a shot of her pussy. Kay Kay is said to be shaken to find that obscene photos of her existed. And she want it to be known that "I feel that I am the victim because I didn’t pose for the photos and I didn’t know that the photographer took those pictures of me." She question the integrity and professionalism of the photographer for taking the picture without her permission or knowledge. She is now seeking legal action to remove the obscene pictures from any websites. Get updates on her Twitter @YanKayKay and follow. PS: Girl can I lick it before I stick it? Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

 Here are some other pictures of KayKay aside from the photoshoot scandal:



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Yan Kay Kay (born on March 11, 1983 in Singapore) known as Kay Kay is a Singaporean model, blogger and Former FHM Singapore covergirl. She was the winner of Channel 5 reality show S Factor in 2009, where she had to compete with 11 other contestants in photo shoots and wrestling matches. Winning the show made Kay Kay famous but she also received a lot of flak online for what was seen as her bad attitude on television, for her frequent use of vulgarities and comments about other contestants.


An interview with a Singapore nude model

This Singaporean nude model was previously featured on my blog where she took many beautiful and sexually explicit photos. Some of which showed full frontal nudity, a wet pussy and even a wine bottle being used to pleasure her pussy while she moaned.

When she contacted me to remove the photos, I told her I will do so if she can prove her identity, that the nudes are indeed of her and accept an interview from the Singapore Hall of Shame. She also requested that I keep her name confidential. When she kept up her end of the bargain, I did mine by deleting her nude photos with her face and not mentioning her name here. 

If you have been following my blog, you wouldn't have missed the photos and would also know who this interview is with. So the only solution is to keep reading this blog and liking the FB page. HAHA. Kiddin.  

This is the interview with a nude model who really regretted her decision (some of you might doubt it like I did but a deal is a deal):

Qn: What is your highest education level and your current occupation?

Ans: Highest education: diploma and my occupation is management executive

Qn: When did you start modelling? And why?

Ans: I started modelling in late 2010 because of financial reasons

Qn: Why did you agree to pose nudies?

I was in a financial crisis and the money was good. I was living with an ex bf who doesn't pay for things. (Rents, grocery, meals, expenses etc) yes, I was dumb naive.

Qn: How many times have you done it? Who is the photographer and how much were you paid?

I have done quite a number nude photoshoots but only about 4 photographers for nudies (repeated shoots). The photographers are helixshot, jonp, kelvin (claims to be kelvin/calvin) & alvin (if i remember correctly). All these mentioned shoots earn me from $300-600 all was qouted different rates. All this happened in 2010-2011

Qn: Did you have sexual intercourse with the photographer before, during or after the shoot?

Ans: No

Qn: Why did you not just agree to do regular nudes, but instead took some very graphic pictures, some which clearly showed the pussy being spread by an object?

Ans: Initially i thought it was suppose to be just regular nudes. But things change when I arrived. I was in a bad financial crisis & thought that I didn't have a choice.

Qn: Do your family know about your occupation? Do they approve? Do they know about the nude photos? What was their reaction? Did they see the photos?

Ans: They know about my occupation but they do not know about the nude photos.  So far no reaction. So i assume they don't.

Qn: Do you have a boyfriend now? Does he know about the nudes?

Ans: Yes I do have a bf now. He is the most loving and understanding and supportive man i have ever met. No it is not going to affect us, i am surprise as i thought it would. But i am lucky to have him and it makes us more loving.

Qn: How were the photographs leaked? Who leaked them?

Ans: Helixshot claim that he store it on a online storage and it got hacked
Jonp, no answer
Kelvin, his assistant claim that he is overseas when i tried to contact him. No response after.
The ones which were leak was by jonp, helixshot and "kelvin". The wine bottle that was in my pussy was shot by helixshot. 

Qn: So "Jonathan Pinto" did not do nude photo shoot with u?

Ans: I did nude photoshoot with JonP before. But they r the abit more artsy ones. The body paint was from him too. U can see from my fb cover photo, the cheongsam was shot by him. I was shock when i found that he does sex shoot as he was the type that seems like he respects women alot. 

Qn: So am I right to say, you took on the job without knowing the real identities of the photographer?

Ans: Yes. I did not check their true identity.

Qn: When and how did you feel when you realised your nude photos are out?

Ans: I knew of it ard mid last year when it first leaked on sammyboy forum. I felt: panicked & depressed and I definitely wont do it again (take nude photos).

Qn: What are your future plans? Will you continue to be a model? Or just do a normal job? 

Ans: I doubt i can do modelling anymore. I'm ashamed.

Qn: Has anyone recognised you on the street?

Ans: Not yet i guess. I have been wearing a hat since this big leak. I lost my confidence.

Qn: What do you think about the local modelling industry? Any advice for young models out there?

Ans: Local modelling industry is bullshit. If u cant get a status, u will most like end up as just an extra. Advice: just dont do stupid things like i did. I did it for a bad bad reason. A reason so stupid that i am losing everything. Its a bad bet. & even if u think u have the "NDA" non disclosure agreement with them, do note that they may give u a fake identity/name. This was my only gamble i did. Though i won money, but i lost my dignity & self confidence now. It is not worth it.

Editor's note: I believe most, if not all the girls would say that they were in financial difficulty and that they were conned to take the nude photos. Ask any nude model who did not get famous eventually and they would say I regret it, it was not worth it, etc. While it may be true, many of us take it with a pinch of salt because many girls out there are not that rich and with more daunting problems, why do we not see them taking nude photos? Is it materialism? Fame? Or just plain silly? 

Her photos were floating out there before I posted and they continue to float out there by no fault of mine. 

Anyone with information of the photographers mentioned here please do no hesitate to contact me. I will shame them if I can. 

Screenshots of the interview with the nude model. I have changed some of the English for easier reading but the meaning remains the same.


Serina Wee of City Harvest trying to rip off Singaporean again?

Singaporeans might have to stop looking at Serina Wee for moment and realise that she might be ripping off Singaporeans again, no matter how much of a MILF she is.

We know that the church leadership of City Harvest is on trial for misappropriating church monies to fund the (non-existent) singing career of Sun Ho. What we also know is that CHC preaches something esoteric called prosperity bible where devotees are pressured into contributing a substantial amount of their earnings to the church. What the church does with the money? Don't ask, don't question, don't say.

So what is the conduct and character of some of these so-called holy men and women doing the work of God by running a church? Some might say they are wrongly accused while others would say they are corrupted. From Kong Hee copying sermons, to Sun Ho's boob job and affair with Mark Kwan, and their venture into high fashion that belittles religion, I tend to agree with the view that they are corrupted because the evidence is compelling.

Now some might think the rest of them, like Serina Wee, are being led astray by Kong Hee and Sun Ho, but I think otherwise. If anything, they are of the same mould. When Serina Wee announced the launch of her blogshop, you begin to realise what these people are after and how opportunistic they are. Religion and working for a church was just a facade.

Despite being on trial, she was smart enough to use her fame to launch her business, and allow her facebook pictures to remain accessible to the public so that they can lap up her fashionista holy goodness (but what can I say, Singaporeans are gullible that way). Not only that, she rips off unknowing Singaporeans by selling the same dress on her blogshop for almost double the price.

See this straightforward comparison of the same dress between missystella (by Serina Wee) and Saturday Club (another blogshop). The dresses are identical and red colour is available in both websites, but one retails for $37 while Serina Wee sells her for $69!

(Thanks to reader Daphne for informing SHS.)

There might be more examples but I am not that sort who would go through the catalog of a blogshop. Suffice to say, from what I see thus far, Serina Wee is no angel either despite her angelic looks.