British FT Anton Casey is a motherfucking cheebye kia

I have always respect the freedom of the Internet. You can say what u want but be sure others will also have their piece too. If you are disrespectful and spread your bigotry, be warn the internet public out there will hunt you down. And folks, please stop making police reports for every fuck thing. The police very busy with Little India right, just let the whole Singapore recognise this fucked up family. Haha.

So it started with this FB post by Anton Casey who had to take the MRT train with his son because his Porsche was sent into the shop. In gist, he said that poor people take the MRT and that public transport has a certain stench:

(note: if you are real rich muthafarker, when your Porsche goes to the shop, they will send u a courtesy car, don't have to take train.)

With such a cheebye arrogant attitude, his post started to go viral and people found out that Anton Casey is actually the husband of Bernice Wong, a Miss Singapore Universe winner of 2003. Bernice Wong famously said, "I have never been able to click with local guys. Somehow, our personalities don't add up." Their son, Caelen, is six years old is this year.

If you thought that's the end, Anton Casey didn't want to end it and begin to taunt Singaporeans further by calling them a "WUSS" and said "be angry at your mum & dad for raising you a WUSS".

I thought they would be so brave as to continue their lives as usual. But guess not. Being the fucking WUSS and cowards that they are, Anton Casey and his wife Bernice Casey have closed all their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Oh for fuck's sake, you think Singaporeans cannot recognise you and your Porsche on the street? Luckily Anton is a Brit Singapore Permanent Resident, so at least you can send your son to an international school.

Anton Casey makes fun of taxi uncle 

So this arrogant Anton Casey works at Crossinvest Asia Pte Ltd where he is the Senior Wealth Manager and can be contacted at

His Managing Director's name is Christophe Audergon. Feel free to text/call Anton Casey's boss @ 92988024 /

Drop his wife Mrs. Bernice Wong Casey a text or call her to express your dissatisfaction?

Mrs Casey's number is 90214215. They might be staying at 39 Gilstead Road and Bernice's parent are believed to be staying at Pine Grove.

Alternatively, you can email also her at

Oh. And someone has already come forward to say that Crossover is a crap company so be careful when putting money with them. 

Anyone with more information of this couple please contact Singapore Hall of Shame. The police won't do anything because they are just afraid to go after the rich and famous in Singapore. Singaporeans will just have to make Singapore uncomfortable for these motherfucking cheebye scums of the earth.

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Rosie Jones Topless Psychedelic Bikini Photoshoot Outtakes For Nuts


Here is Rosie Jones wearing a bikini and getting topless while posing for a Nuts Magazine photo shoot. Rosie Jones is really showing the sexy in these photos and her boobs look yummy as ever. It is ashamed she didn't remove the bottoms at some point or at the very least turn around in the bikini and show off her ass for this photo shoot. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


Wiki Bio


Rosie Jones (born on July 19, 1990 in Middlesex, London, England) is an English glamour model, a Page 3 Girl and she has appeared in numerous lad mags.

Her modeling career has gone from strength to strength. She has regularly appeared in photo shoots for Nuts magazine, one of which can be seen by clicking the lick to the Nuts website below. Look out for more of the lovely Rosie in future issues of Nuts!


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Who took and leaked Michayla Wong's nude photos?

Malaysian model Michayla Wong model nude photos have created some stir up north, but the people who took her photos and likely leaked them are actually in Singapore.

One of them is her former boyfriend Lai Wee Kiat, originally from Malaysia, who is a beef cake and bodybuilder champion. Crowned Mr Kuala Lumpur in 2013, he is the youngest champion ever. Lai is now working in Singapore as a personal trainer and running this website called fabodylous. A student of NUS Business School, it is likely that he is scholarship holder, or at least a recipient of generous study grants that the Singapore government gives out to foreign students. I guess they might have made a mistake with this Malaysian boy here?! 

According to a girl who claims to be Michayla, Lai took her photos when they were a couple and then traded them with unscrupulous people when they had an ugly break out. After their breakup, it seems that Lai has moved on to a new girlfriend who is equally enthusiastic about body building, as he openly shares his pictures on his FB. Netizens have also been saying how well-endowed Mr KL is, as he shows off his large ding-dong. 

However, in the pictures, both Michayla and Lai have cameras so either one of them could have leaked the photos? And if Lai really leaked them, why would he leak photos of his own big, crooked ding-dong? hmmmm...

Both Michayla and Wee Kiat have their own cameras so either party could have leaked them. 

If Wee Kiat really leaked his own photos, would he leak his own big and crooked ding-dong? 

Lai Wee Keat with his new muse

The other person who took Michayla's nude photographs and could likely have leaked is this Singaporean freelance photographer called Derrick Poh or "Derrick Dpgrapher" . "Michayla" admitted to taking nude photos with Derrick and another "Jonathan". Apparently, Michayla did it because she was broke and she could get fast cash doing nudes while the photographers promised her that the photos were for private collection. 

Same old song, different tune? 

Thanks to all the readers who submitted information to make this post possible.