Straits Times scholar Eisen Teo convicted for fucking a student he was mentoring

Read this old Oct 13 story of how this blog exposed this sex fiend. The court granted this SPH scholar, Eisen Teo, a gag order when the whole world knew that he took advantage of a 15 year-old student and fucked her.

Only now when he is convicted that the court release his picture and name. SLOW. WOLS. What fucking justice?! He could have just continued his sordid ways from Oct 13 to June 14 when the public was not aware that a sex fiend was out there in the public.

Now the sordid details have come out in the open and we know how sick this man was. When I published the Oct 13 post, his friends even sent me private messages pleading me to take down his photo and name, saying that he was a good man who could be innocent or misled. Now I think they should just shove their dicks in their faces. 

Not only was Eisen mentoring this girl, he took advantage of her when she was depressed and forced her to perform oral sex on him. And to prove how much of a monster he is, Eisen fucked the girl in his own house while his wife was in the kitchen baking! The poor girl even tried to commit suicide later.

Sounds familiar? Like a law prof who is too stingy to pay for abortion....hmmmm...sick men put in position of power...

SINGAPORE — A former Singapore Press Holdings journalist has been sentenced to 18 months’ jail for sex with an underaged girl he was mentoring.

Eisen Teo Guan Kuan, 29, was part of the SPH team producing two weekly magazines for primary and secondary school students. He mentored about a dozen student journalists at the “IN Crowd” media club, which the victim was part of.

Teo started to take a special interest in the girl, who was 15 at the time of the offences, after reading on her blog that she was depressed.

They became romantically involved in the fourth quarter of 2011. On a date in Fort Canning Park in early 2012, he suggested she perform oral sex on him in one of the toilets.

Then in June 2012, he invited her to the flat he shared with his wife, and had sex with the victim in the study room while his wife was baking in the kitchen.

The victim attempted suicide two days later and told her sister a few months later about sex with Teo. She made a police report in Dec 2012.

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