Dumb Singapore government elite don't know how to have affair properly

Here we have a not so smart Singapore government elite who sits on the director board of various stat boards and government linked companies. Mr Low Check Kian is apparently sort of an investment guru and plays the market for a living. If you don't know how to cheat on your wife properly, how can we expect you to earn money in the market for us?! Maybe that's why they are running this country to the ground? 

What sort of man brings his wife along to HK when he's going there to boink his mistress?! Rich man don't be stingy lah, if you bringing your wife and child out on a holiday then don't meet your mistress. This just shows bad decision making on your part because Mr Low, it's obvious you just can't control the puss that oozing outta your d!ck head. 

Another bad decision: If you have kept your distance the entire time you were shopping with model affair Kelly, then why snog and lah ji with her in the taxi?! You think people won't see? Taxi glass all black? Go back hotel/home then do lah. Wah dumb sia...

And fyi, I think either Kelly herself called the paparazzi or someone who's pissed off with him/her did it...they are rather insignificant in the HK entertainment industry.  

Background Story 
Hong Kong’s Paparazzi have exposed a love affair between married former IDA and WDA director Low Check Kian, 55, and a 29 year old Hong Kong Model, Kelly.
Paparazzi spotted the two going shopping around Hong Kong’s Central and clearly trying to keep their relationship secret.
Low was seen walking a short distance behind Kelly most of the time while they travelled from shop to shop but after getting into a taxi, they quickly embraced and started kissing.
Hong Kong news agency, Apple Daily, reported that the two were seen together for about an hour before getting close in a cab.
Later that night, Low was seen having dinner with his wife and child.
When the Hong Kong Model, Kelly, was interviewed by Apple Daily, she explained that she didn’t know Low was married and wasn’t fully aware of his background.
She only knew that he was in investments and she had met him while on holiday in Singapore. She did not share when their relationship started.
Low Check Kian used to sit on the board of directors for the Infocomm and DEvelopent Authority (IDA) and the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and he was in charge of the investment arms of these stat boards.
It is understood that he also served as an advisor for various government committees and is now a director at Neptune Orient Lines Ltd and Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.
He also had directorships in Fullerton Fund Management Co. Ltd. and he provides financial advice for a living.

Helping her put it on

Having a good time in taxi

Dinner with the wife and child later

HK model Kelly

HK model Kelly

HK model Kelly

Low Check Kian

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